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Save Money. Save Time. Save Seabirds.

We know that fishermen want to catch fish, not birds – using mitigation that’s simple, saves money and works. That’s why we invented Hookpod. The pelagic longline bycatch solution designed with and for fishermen.


How Hookpod Helps You

How Hookpod Helps You

“I really liked the equipment and I intend to continue using it. In my opinion, the hook pod is a mitigation measure more efficient than bird scaring lines, line weighting and night setting. It’s a pleasure to help to develop this technology…”

Celso de Richa Oliviera Brazilian Captain


Designed and tested to work with a range of hook sizes and monofilament diameters.

Easy to Use

Simple action to load, close and reset. Long-term attachment to branchline means no additional setting or hauling time.

Marine Friendly

No waste and no need for additional lead weighting.

Saves Time and Money

Available with LED, removing the need for disposable lightsticks which saves you time and money.


Operationally effective to 1000m depth.

Long Lasting and Reliable

Durable polycarbonate design lasts up to 3 years.


Protects against injury from hooks from fly-backs.

Seabird Safe

Virtually eliminates bycatch; recommended by ACAP as best practice for the pelagic longline industry.

ACAP Recommended Best Practice Mitigation Measure

How Hookpod Works

We designed the Hookpod with fishermen and for fishermen, to be easy to use and minimise any operational impact. There are four simple steps to setting and using Hookpods, simply click on the diagrams to see how it works.

See How Hookpod Works

  • 1

    The pod requires opening before first use to equalise the pressure in the air chamber

  • 2

    Locking collar - rotated to align groove with identation on the front


    Pass the branch line through the locking collar and the lug

  • 3

    Rotate the locking collar to secure the line

  • 4

    Clip the baited hook into the Hookpod

  • 5

    The baited hook is disarmed and ready to set. Ensure the loaded pod is thrown clear of the propeller wash. The pressure release mechanism will open the pod once it reaches a depth of 10 - 15m.

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