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Commercial samples available now!

Posted on: 7th November 2016Great catches using Hookpods: picture Dave Goad

Following successful trials in New Zealand on board the FV Commission with skipper Mike Te Pou, we are pleased to offer commercial samples to any surface longline vessels in NZ who want to try out Hookpods. 

Mike and the crew of the FV Commission were delighted with how the pods performed on board. "These Hookpods are a great invention and they are working well for us. It has taken away the dangers of using lead weights on our gear. At first I was a bit suspicious about using them, thinking it could affect our catch but after using them I have noticed that our fishing has not been affected in any way. On a few occasions the Hookpods actually out fished our regular gear and caught more fish!" Mike goes on to say "Not one single bird has been caught on the pods so far from the tests we have run, but we have caught the odd bird on our regular gear during these tests. Shooting and hauling is no different to how we do it with the regular gear. It just takes the crew a few sets to get use to them." 

There is currently a consultation taking place via the Ministry of Primary Industries about new line weighting regulations and whilst a decision has yet to be taken, it looks likely that having a minimum line weighting will soon become mandatory in NZ fisheries. We're hopeful that the Hookpod will be able to be used as a line weight once these regulations are in place and so we are keen for any fishers operating in the surface longline fleet to have a chance to try the pods for themselves. 

An initial free sample of 20 Hookpods would be offered to vessels wanting to trial them; simply fill in the Contact Us boxes at the bottom of the website and we will be in touch to arrange the shipment.