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Hookpod design is award-winning!

Posted on: 31st August 2017Sara Oldfield presents the Marsh Award for Ben Kibel to CEO Becky Ingham

We are delighted to
announce that the British Trust for Ornithology have awarded Hookpod designer
and engineer Ben Kibel with the Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology. This is
in recognition of the innovative work Ben has done to mitigate seabird
mortality in the fishing industry, with the Hookpod and other designs.


The prize was presented to Hookpod Ltd CEO Becky Ingham, on behalf of Ben, at the Society of Wildlife Artists in London on the 18th
October and the Hookpod generated much interest amongst the guests gathered.

It is awarded annually and celebrates an important contribution that
takes forward the understanding of avian ecology or conservation science.


The Marsh Trust runs a
portfolio of awards with a number of internationally and nationally recognised
organisations. Recipients of Marsh Awards range from scientists working in
conservation biology and ecology to authors and sculptors from the arts world.


This represents a real
accolade for the design of the Hookpod and the innovation that has gone into
overcoming the problems faced in recent years, finally reaching the current
design, which is proving incredibly effective and durable, with trials showing
pods last well over a year in operational full time use.


Coincidentally, last years
winner of the Marsh Award was Hookpod shareholder and supporter Dick Newell,
who runs an organisation called ‘Action for Swifts’ whose main objective is to
achieve a reduction in the declines in breeding Swifts in the UK and elsewhere.
Dick has created volunteer groups around the UK to record numbers of Swifts and
to take actions to stem declines. Using innovative designs, he builds and
installs bespoke Swift nest boxes to fit different settings and works with
local governments, property developers and owners, encouraging them to provide
nesting sites. The use of new technology to encourage people around the world
to care and take action for Swifts has been an inspiration to many people.