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Lancaster Students helping promote Hookpods

Posted on: 14th March 2017The Lancaster team with CEO Becky Ingham

dynamic young group of Business Management students have recently helped
Hookpod by conducting a consulting project as part of their second year
studies. Francesca Falcao, Maxime Romain, Brieuc Thirouard, Osama Shaik and
Huzi Patel, (pictured above with Hookpod CEO Becky Ingham) who attend Lancaster University Management School, have been
working with Hookpod since November, conducting research and investigating the
potential for implementation of Hookpod use in foreign markets.


the project was focussed on the US market, however the scope of the work
expanded as time went on to utilise their code ranging language skills and include Brazil, where the RSPB is currently undertaking research into the effectiveness of the Hookpod.

They hope to continue their work with past the end of the project to
assist with marketing and promotion alongside the RSPB work mentioned above.


Hookpod Ltd attended a presentation in Lancaster on Friday 10th March and was impressed by the dedication and hard work the students have put into the project. "It was especially hard for the students as they were picking up a whole new field of specialised fisheries knowledge as well as conducting their own consulting work" said Becky. "They've worked really hard and we're really looking forward to receiving the final report and taking some of the research forward". 

The research project was accepted by Lancaster University as one of several projects to form the Management 200 course, giving students a real life taste of consulting on real issues for companies.