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September start for commercial NZ trials

Posted on: 3rd September 2016New Zealand Challenge

Experienced New Zealand tuna longlining skipper Mike TePou
will soon be taking Hookpods on board his vessel for their biggest long term challenge
yet.  The FV Commission will leave port equipped with 550 Hookpods, to start
several months of commercial operations using the pods on a daily basis.


The pods will be set in experimental blocks along the length
of the mainline, allowing fisheries researcher Dave Goad to monitor the
performance and durability of the pod, catch rates and interactions with birds.


Following the recent approval of the Hookpod by ACAP as a
best practice recommendation for the pelagic long line fishery, Dave will also
be testing sink rates of hooks with Hookpods on compared to those without.


Dave’s time on board the vessel has been funded through the NZ Department of
Conservation, levied from the fishing industry, through the Conservation
Services Program.
They are interested in seeing how the Hookpod stands
up to several months of use in commercial fishing operations.


The FV Commission,
owned by Wayne Kusabs, has taken part in several early stage trials of the pods
and both owner and skipper are positive about using Hookpods and keen to be
involved in increasing the use of pods in New Zealand.


These longer term trials will start in mid September and run
through until the end of year, with Mike and his crew completing monitoring
forms for feedback about how the pods perform.