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Thumbs Up for Hookpod from International Agreement

Posted on: 15th August 2016Blog Image 1

In May 2016, the team received the biggest boost yet to securing the future of the pod when ACAP (The Agreement on the Conservation of Albatross and Petrels), recommended the pod as ‘Best Practice Mitigation Measure’ for the pelagic longline industry.

This comes about following a paper being tabled to the Bycatch Working Group of ACAP from the Australian delegation after their trials throughout 2014-5 proved that the pod works efficiently within the fishery.

The last few years have certainly thrown up some challenges for Hookpod and the team, with technological adjustments, delays in trials and unavoidable setbacks in our work to prove the Hookpod can save seabirds. However this recognition of the Hookpod as a working device is fantastic news and will undoubtedly be a valuable step along the road of getting it commercially used in world fisheries.