What is a Hookpod?
How do I attach Hookpods to my gear?
Do I have to take Hookpods off the branchline between sets?
Will the use of Hookpods slow down my setting operation?
I like to hide the point of the hook in the bait, how will Hookpods affect my target catch?
How much will it cost me to fit out my vessel with Hookpods?
Can the Hookpod save me money?
Where have Hookpods been tested?
How long do Hookpods last?
What is the replacement rate?
Is Hookpod recommended by key conservation and fishing organisations?
Where is the Hookpod approved for standalone use?
Are Hookpods safer than adding weighted swivels to my gear?
Are Hookpods affected by adverse weather conditions?
How do I order Hookpods?
How quickly can I get them?
Is there any help available to equip a vessel and explain how they are used?